New Vote Incentive
On TWC, the new VI is a panel from an upcoming page!

24 Hour Comic Day
To recap, this year I did a two-week buffer for Garanos instead of a true 24 Hour Comic, and I finished 5 out of the tartgeted 6 pages completely!  I tried Livestreaming the whole time, but unfortunately when I got to the coloring stage, Photoshop and the Procaster software wouldn’t play nice, and it was making Photoshop too slow to get anything done at all, so I completed the rest of the pages without screencasting them.  (If I hadn’t lost 2-3 hours futzing with the Procaster, I probably could’ve finished all 6.)  I did get some footage of me drawing comic pages with my webcam, though, so that’s good.  ^_^

I’ll post a more in-depth account of 24HCD over on my blog later.

I’m afraid I’m backing out of Tsubasacon this year.  It’s simply not cost-effectice at the moment, so for anyone who was going to come say hello, I apologize.  Maybe next year!

ISCA Caricature Convention
As of a few days ago, I’m officially a member of the International Society of Caricature Artists, and I’ll be going to their week-long convention at the beginning of November!  This convention is back-to-back with Youmacon, which will be an interesting experience.