You’ll notice that the box on the right left that used to contain the current donation wallpaper has been replaced by a new wallpaper and a new link.  I joined Webcomic Wallpapers a month or so ago, and I finally got around to posting a wallpaper up for you!

I made a wallpaper of the first panel of 359 so you could get a closer look at it!

I’m working on getting past donation wallpapers up there as well, especially the ones that were offered during a period where nobody donated.  I figure this is a better way to offer wallpapers, since there’ll be a variety and whatnot.  Plus, there aren’t very many people using WW yet, and it seems like a good service, so lots of people should be using it.  You do need to register to buy or download wallpapers, but then you get access to tons and tons of other wallpapers, not just mine.

With WW, my wallpapers are now only a dollar (though I believe you can donate more if you so wish) and I get a 75-cent commission, which is better than what PayPal leaves me after they take their cut.  I’ll still accept donations, but I’ll put that link somewhere else in the meantime.

Keep an eye on the Garanos page, because I hope to get both old and new wallpapers up here pretty soon.  ^_^