Since I’m going all by my lonesome self to CTCon this year, I’m going to need some help covering my table here and there throughout the weekend.

If you’re willing and able, I will need table coverage from 4-5pm Friday while I’m on the Webcomics 101 panel with Pete Tarkulich.  I’ll also need coverage from 1-3pm Saturday for the Webcomic Auction.  At some point before the Webcomic Auction, I’ll also be flittering about getting my auction item, a t-shirt, autographed by as many of the webcomics as I can, which will probably take me another hour or so.

I can compensate you for your time in commission art, or if you’re of an arty persuasion yourself, you’re welcome to leave some of your stuff with me and I will sell it for you and proclaim how awesome you are to passers-by!

Also, you get to wear this very stylish and informative hat, modeled here by my friend Christina:

Status Hat

If you’re interested, shoot me an email, tweeter at me, or send me a private message on the CTCon forums. ^_^