New voting incentive (Military Idol badge art) is up!

I wanted to bring up a few things, since I think I’ve picked up some new readers recently!

  • Garanos has a Facebook Page that you can add to your favorites, or become a fan thereof!  I send out announcements and updates to members, so it does serve a function other than publicizing that you have excellent taste in comics.  ^_^  There are about 60 fans right now and I KNOW I’ve got more readers than that who must be on Facebook.  Join up!
  • I’m on Twitter. Apart from sharing the very important, up-to-the-minute updates on what kind of sandwiches I’m eating, I also give status updates on the current page of Garanos, and from time to time, I’ll post in-progress screenshots of the art.  (I also generally follow back any non-spammer people who follow me.  Let’s be friends!)
  • I post to my art blog quite often these days. It’s lots of non-Garanos related art, as well as the occassional personal musings, and it’s home to my portfolio to boot.

Shameless plugging over.  ^_^  Everyone have a good weekend!