Last month, I learned that completely disrupting my continuity was all I needed to do to get attention.  I also learned that fanservicey voting incentives get me a shit-ton of votes! :D

In that spirit, to start off strong in the month of May, today’s voting incentive is Geilen as an Orion Slave Girl.  Something quick and dirty (hurr hurr) I whipped up earlier this week especially for this.


Click to vote and see the rest of the picture!

Today kicks off the first day of Penguicon! I’ve also added two more possible conventions to my schedule for this year:  Toonfest in Marceline, Missouri, which is a one-day event in Walt Disney’s childhood home; and the National Caricature Network’s annual convention, which is surprisingly close, just up in Sandusky, Ohio.  I found out a lot about both of these cons from the cartoonists at the Toon Award last weekend, so I hope I can make it to them to do more networking.  ^_^

Have a great weekend!