And that, my friends, concludes the first volume of Garanos. I want to thank all my readers for the amazing support I’ve received over the past year. Doing Garanos has been extremely illuminating, and I can’t wait to start posting the sequel.
I will be taking the entire month of September off in order to finish writing and finalize details with Garanos II. The comic will start updating again on October 1st, which just happens to fall on a Monday. In the meantime, I’ll still be posting content three times a week in the form of the original drawings I did of the Garanos comic back in 2005. It’s really interesting for me to look back on these now and see where it all came from, so I hope everyone else will find them interesting as well.
Along with the Originals, I’ll be documenting my progress on writing and drawing the sequel, and I’ll toss up any concept sketches or things of interest I come up with in the ensuing month. This has been an amazing journey, everyone! Thank you!