PHEW.  Okay.  Now that ColossalCon is over, this convention binge is officially OVER!  That’s 9 cons in 11 weeks!  Yowza.

My con report for ColossalCon is now up!  It was an awesome con, and definitely a good note to end on!

My next convention isn’t until ConnectiCon, which is just under two months away.  The break will be nice, but at the same time, I can’t wait!  I’m looking forward to it so much.  I plan for it to rock hard this year in a big way.

Just as a reminder, Volume II pre-orders are still open, but if you can’t get a copy right now, then just wait for Connecticon!  I will be debuting Volume II in person there!  That is, if my planning and timing works out with Ka-Blam printing it.  Cross your fingers, everyone!

Now speaking of ConnectiCon, there is a new voting incentive on TopWebComics! It’s a peek at what I’m working on for ConnectiCon’s program cover art contest.  Garanos needs more votes!  We started off strong at the beginning of last month, but I’m a bit lower in the ranking here at the beginning of this month.  (I blame the short vacation from updating, which is my own fault anyway.)

Last but not least, some art!  This is the Volume II cover art and the picture of Garanos that I colored at my Photoshop panel at ColossalCon.

garanos09 Garanos Coloring Demo

(If you follow my art blog, you will have already seen these!  ^_^)