I’ve made a massive update to the Store page!

Finances are a little tight for me at the moment, and since I don’t have another convention for several weeks, I thought I ought to reinstate the store through PayPal instead of Etsy.  Etsy was nice for the features, but this way I don’t have to give them a cut of my sales or pay them fees!

Some prices have been changed, but all prices for everything have shipping costs included.  There are four new button designs, and three button packs to choose from at a discounted rate, as well as a way to purchase individual buttons.  There are also keychains and coasters!  So go check it out!  I hope to have prints up as well by the end of the day.

If you’re outside the US and interested in ordering, please contact me directly to place your order!  International shipping will be calculated specifically for your location.

Every order will be lovingly hand-packaged by me, and I’ll include a free mini-sketch!

(And if you’re feeling extremely generous and wish to make a donation to Garanos instead, you can do so here!)