Here’s a sexy picture for you:

Sexy Diploma

Garanos now resumes to a regular Monday/Wednesday/Friday update schedule.  This page is late because Sunday was my graduation ceremony, and I was celebrating with friends, inappropriate cake, and PGSM.  And drinks, many drinks. ^_^

I’ll be trying out a new method of cranking out pages unrelated to the actual coloring method, so bear with me the next week or so, since I’d like to actually build and maintain a buffer from now on.  It’s easy to become bored/overwhelmed with doing a page in a single sitting, so I’m going to try to do one stage of coloring on several pages at once, then continue to the next on a different day, and so on.

I must express my thanks for those who have stuck around during this wacky period, and I can promise that the comic will only get better from here on out.  I’m really excited at where things are heading!