There’s a new vote incentive on TopWebComics! I pulled out a notebook I used to take notes during all my summer classes in 2007, and I found a ton of pen drawings I did in the back of the notebook when I was planning out volumes 2 and 3!  The vote incentive is an early drawing of Gharsena with a slightly different bustier design.  I wish I had found this before I started drawing her into the comic… because… I like this one better.  Oh well!  Such is life.  Enjoy!

If you didn’t see the post from the other day, the store has been set up again! All the coasters, keychains, buttons, and prints are back in their full glory.  ^_^ For every order, I will include a free mini-sketch on an index card!

I’m not using Etsy this time because the fees were a bit bothersome.  I’ve also got all the Garanos products mirrored on my website’s new store; there’s a slew of anime-themed buttons that were previously only available from me at conventions, as well as my famous Sharpie Art.

Finances are incredibly tight for me this month, so anything you could send my way is very appreciated.  Most pressingly, I have a routine doctor’s appointment coming up which I’ll need to cough up for.  (I’m one of those lucky Americans with no health insurance that everyone’s talking abou these dayst.)

Thanks to everyone who has been leaving comments on the current story pages!  I get an email notification every time someone does so, and it really brightens up my day.  ^_^  Have a good weekend!