A few months ago, I ported a bunch of my comics over to a WordPress Multisite, since I was getting sick of updating plugins and stuff 6 times every time an update came out!  Yesterday, I switched Garanos over to the multisite network, which included converting the archives from ComicPress to ComicEasel.

My apologies to anyone who was browsing yesterday during the changeover!  Everything is back to business now, and all the links should be just the same as they were before. :) I ended up having to manually restore the comic pages to each post in the archive, and in the importing process, some pages got attached to the wrong post.  I’m PRETTY SURE I got everything straightened out there, but let me know if you find any pages out of order in the archives.

The Fanart gallery is in the process of being restored.

I also installed Disqus comments, since I’ve been using them on my other sites and I like them. :)

If you missed my post last week, I’ve got a Kickstarter going for my new comic, and Garanos books can now be special-ordered from the Art Harder store.

Hope you all have a great weekend!