I have a brand new, much more functional online store to unveil today!

Alex Heberling Productions Store

Thanks to Zen Cart, I no longer have to deal with unwieldy PayPal buttons for each and every product I want to sell online!  Go check it out, there’s a ton of stuff (Garanos and otherwise) that’s on clearance, so you can get swag for super cheap!

This is a brand new venture for me, since I’ve never used this software before, so there might be some kinks to work out while we’re getting started!  Everything should run pretty smoothly, though. ^_^

There’s a new vote incentive up on TopWebComics for today!  It’s a close up panel from today’s page.

This week will wrap up Part 17 with page 468.  I will then be taking a 2-week break to edit and start drawing the final chapter, and then Garanos will resume on March 1st.