You might notice that I have redone the website a little bit!

In the course of working on my SUPER SECRET NEW WEBCOMIC* in the last few days, I discovered that ComicPress had gone and pimped itself the hell out when I wasn’t paying attention, so I installed some of the new bells and whistles over here and cleaned house a little.  I feel a little bit like Xzibit.

One of the things I installed was a transcript plugin, so if any of you archive-trawlers are so inclined, you’re welcome take a moment or two to submit transcriptions for pages you like.  The only requirement is that you have to register.

*Not actually secret, it’s just not ready to go live to the public yet. :D  You will be informed when it does!

EDIT: An additional note on transcripts – Something I did not realize at first is that you must be registered to even see the submit-a-transcript links on individual pages.  Once you do, you just need to be logged in to start transcribing.  That’s it! ^_^