If you followed the link here from SMBC today, welcome!  I hope you enjoy/are enjoying the archives of my comic!  It was nice of Zach to take time to talk to us during the Skype gab session last night, even though I wasn’t able to stick around for long!  Thanks for the link, Zach!

For the regulars, there is a new vote incentive up on TopWebComics from Monday’s page, so go check it out!  I apologize that today’s page didn’t go up until the afternoon.  It was done long in advance, and I could’ve sworn I got it all uploaded and ready to post at 6 this morning, but apparently I didn’t, so I didn’t notice it until I got home today.  Update FAIL.

I thought I’d also remind everyone that Garanos is also on Facebook and Twitter, for all your following and friending needs.  I realize I’ve probably got several new readers who might not be aware of those things, so if you’re not following/friending, please feel free to do so! ^_^

It’s also been awhile since I pointed people to the Store page, so I’ll do that, too!  I’ve got special signed editions of Volume II still available, as well as prints, buttons, keychains, coasters, and I will soon be putting up bookmarks.

I’ve had a very long two weeks at work.  One more week of the gauntlet to go, then I’m back to my usual duties, and I’ll be able to spend more leisurely time on Garanos.  Everyone have a good weekend!