And that’s that for 2008.  I completed 98 pages this year!  Not bad at all, considering the hiatus and various other breaks I’ve taken this year.

I’m trying yet another new trick with coloring that will, and already has, saved me a shit-ton of time with coloring.  I finished the shading for this page in about two and a half hours; it usually takes around twice as long.  I used this technique on Monday’s page, but did a weird thing and ended up making it look Barbara-Walters-soft.  I like the coloring on today’s page much better, so I’ll probably redo the shading on 307 at some point so it doesn’t stick out like a sore thumb.  (Like it does now.)

The next update will be on Monday, January 5th.  It’s not at all feasible for me to update this Friday, since I’ll be out of town yet again and haven’t had the time to get ahead on pages like I did for last week’s pages.  Everyone have a great New Year’s Eve, make with the merry, and I’ll see you on the other side.  I forsee 2009 being a good year for Garanos.  ^_^