Some Friday updates!

The unfinished version of panel 1 is currently the voting incentive on TWC! Check it out for some shading-less coloring action.  If you can make it a habit to visit the site daily and vote for Garanos in TWC and WebcomicZ, it would be greatly appreciated.  Every little bit helps drive more traffic my way.

This week, I came down with a terrible head cold, so the buffer came in handy.  Though it did shrink a bit.  Hopefully I’ll feel better over the weekend.

Thank you to everyone who has pre-ordered books!  If ordering slows down dramatically, I may put in the book order as early as next Wednesday or Thursday.  If not, then the absolute last day to order from me will be Monday, March 16th.

If you’re local to the Columbus area, feel free to contact me directly about getting the Artist’s Edition.  I can knock off the extra USPS shipping and deliver in person.  (This is mostly directed at friends of mine who read the comic.)

And for anyone who missed it on Monday, I did another very short video blog showing off the test copy of Garanos Vol. I.  Have a good weekend!