Whoo!  What a weekend.

Despite not having a table at Ohayocon, I decided to go down on Saturday to visit with all my friends who would be there, and to browse the Artist Alley for webcomics people to show Garanos to.  (I took my one remaining copy of the book with me!)  I knew that Dave of Paradox Lost would be there, but to my pleasant surprise, I found out Applegeeks was there as well.  So they were both supremely awesome to talk to, and I appreciated that they took the time to check out my art despite having lots of other visitors to tend to.

And Hawk’s lovely ladyfriend (whose name escapes me, m’bad) gave me a really good tip for if I ever need to start flying to conventions instead of driving.  If you are a student and/or under 26 years old, you can get discounted airfares through STA Travel.  So students and twentysomethings– bookmark this site and get cheap flights when you need to travel!

Today I also called in to the live broadcast of Webcomic Beacon!  I was catching up on Twitter and it was 3:15 and saw their post about needing callers starting at 3:00, so I scrambled to join in!  I hopefuly didn’t nervously stammer too much.  The MP3 will probably be online in the next few days, so keep an eye on that and you can hear me discuss the names and name meanings of some of my characters!

A pre-emptive greeting to those who listened to the podcast and are now checking me out!

My hosting bill is due tomorrow, so donations and store purchases can still get in just under the wire! ^_^

I added the new pictures of Garanos and Geilen to the Etsy store, so you can get prints of them!  Mailing these may take a day or two longer at first, because I will actually have to go to Staples to get some printed up first. ^_^;  If you’re interested in buying more than one print, please contact me so I can adjust the shipping price for you (since I can stick many many prints in a single rigid mailer.)

I converted my personal website over to a completely WordPress-managed portfolio site.  So if you’re interested in my student art and other such things,  check out its new sexyness.

Okay, I think that’s everything.  Enjoy the comic this week!