Hey guys!  It’s the post you’ve all been waiting for– the results of my 5th anniversary fanart contest!

I was so happy that so many of you submitted fanart for all my comics, and it was tough to choose the winners, but here they are!

First Place: Jenna

This beautiful costume/CG art really went above and beyond for the contest!  Jenna included an explanation with the artwork as well:

At about the time the contest was announced, I was in south India, watching Bharatanatium dance performances.  In this classical south Indian style, solo dancers do pantomimes of various Hindu stories.  Upon seeing one performance of the story of the goddess Durga, I immediately drew the connection between Garanos and Durga.

When a demon is ravaging everywhere and no one else can handle it, the other gods summon Durga and lend her their powers and weapons.  All of the statues I have seen of her look almost demonic.  As a demonic savior, she vanquishes the demon.  Garanos herself is almost a demonic savior, having been possessed by the Harbinger’s powers.  My model here, Danika, as a Bharatanatium dancer and is posing in one of Durga’s classic poses.

The clothing is styled after more traditional Indian dress, similar to what dance performers would use, though simpler in Garanos’s style.  I patterened and stitched the shirt myself by hand since I don’t have a sewing machine here.  The gloves are made of a pair of knee-high socks that I cut up and sitched together.  The pants are some that I wear everyday, though the color has been altered digitally.

To give credit to where credit is due:

Spider stock by Falln_Stock
Special thanks to my model Danika and Brian & Sonia for repeated use of their front yard

Second Place: Catherine

This rendition of Shepherd and Winter was just wonderful.  I loved the almost watercolor-y feel of the blues on the whites.

Third Place: Jorge

Jorge’s 3D rendering of Styx outside Maryoku’s house was very creative!

All Entries

Here are all the entries I recieved!  Thanks again to everyone who entered!

Fashions of Garanos, by AyaBlue

Garanos and Styx, by Cathinca

Winter and Shepherd, Darryl and Dana After Hours, and Geilen’s First Night, by Karin

Garanos, by Rebecca

Garanos and the Harbinger, by Russell

Garanos, by Sharon

Geilen, by Shira