Cubeecrafts are little papercraft patterns of characters that you print out, cut, and fold together.  The creator of Cubeecraft has nicely put up a template for people to make their own Cubees, so yesterday, I spent several hours building a Garanos Cubeecraft.

Cubeecraft Garanos

Click on the photo to vote at TopWebComics! The new vote incentive is pictures of the finished model as well as the first two prototypes I made early on.

I’m waiting on permission from the creator of Cubeecraft before I post the pattern for you guys to make your own, but I hope to be able to do so soon!  I’ll have this little darlin’ at my table this weekend at Matsuricon.

I might just take a bunch of printouts with me and make an army of little Cubees while I sit!

(And yes, I plan on making models of all the characters eventually. XD)

Everyone have a good weekend!  ^_^