No comic today. Since I’m on staff for AnimePunch, I’ve got a lot of last-minute artwork to produce by tomorrow, so I’ve been busy with that. Spring Quarter classes also start today, so I’m a bit tied up overall at the moment. I’ll hopefully have a comic for Wednesday.

On the subject of cons, I updated my con schedule at the bottom of the page, since some of the dates were incorrect. I’ve added Marcon to the list, since it’s right here in Columbus, and I’ll more than likely be there. Unfortunately, I’ve taken Otakon off the list. I’ve never been to Otakon, and I really wanted to go, but since Connecticon and Otakon are on consecutive weekends, I don’t think I’ll be able to swing the cash to get to the East Coast twice in the span of two weekends. Since Connecticon has the bigger webcomic presence, that’s the con I’m going to attend.

Anyways, enough of my blathering. See you Wednesday.