If you’re seeing this, then you’re seeing the new ComicPressified version of Garanos.com.  For anyone who keeps track of the comic via the LiveJournal feed, please change the feed address to http://garanos.alexheberling.com/feed to continue getting new updates, since the LJ feed will no longer be updated after this!

I’m very happy to have Garanos in a new, automated system, rather than the static HTML.  I was a bit clumsy with the ComicPress manager at first, but I think I’ve gotten the hang of it.  I’m also very happy to have a new color scheme– the old one was getting to be a little too drab for me.

In theory, this will be a definite improvement, and will make things easier on me so I have more time to actually work on the comic.  I spent the last couple days importing all the comics and selected news posts, so everything is dated and in the proper order.

I’ll be filling out the unfinished pages on the navigation bar in the coming days as well.  Enjoy the new website!