My apologies today, no new pages. School has caught up to me, and I just wasn’t up to it, I’m afraid. ^_^; I do have something to show, though– it’s Garanos’ first fanart! Thanks again to Noah for sending it to me, I think it’s awesome! Thus, there is the addition of a fanart section on the Artwork page, so if anyone else out there would like to send in a fanart, I will put it up. ^^ I also added the Thanksgiving drawing to the gallery, along with two color pictures that I THINK I meant to put up a month ago, but forgot about. ^_^;

I also tried a redesign at the archive page. I felt it was getting a bit too long for my tastes, so I’m playing around with layouts. If I don’t like this one, it’ll probably change soon. ^_^; Anyways, check back Friday and there will hopefully be something worthwhile up. Goodnight!