Saturday, October 3th is 24 Hour Comic Day 2009! I will be doing a 24HC once again, and I’ll be screencasting and live video blogging for probably a large portion of it on my Livestream Channel.  I’m going to set a tentative start time of 12 PM EDT.

Some might remember that I took a hiatus from September to December last year, since it was my last quarter of college, and my big project for my studio time class was completing four 24 Hour Comics, which you can check out here!  I was totally drained of ideas after those four comics, but after another year I think I’m ready to tackle another short form comic!

I’ll post again later in the week to remind anyone who wishes to follow my progress.  ^_^  The Webcomic Beacon is also having a 24 Hour Podcast with some awesome-sounding programming, so you should check them out, too!