Tomorrow is 24 Hour Comic Day!  I will be starting my day at noon EDT (which is -4 GMT for all the international folks).  I think what I’m going to do is steal Scott Kurtz’s idea and do a buffer for Garanos.  My goal will be two weeks of updates, or 6 pages.

I’d really like to do another true 24HC, but I also don’t want Garanos to fall by the wayside!  Perhaps this winter I’ll hunker down and do a new 24HC to make up for this year.  ^_^

I’m going to be streaming my work on Livestream as much as I can.  I fiddled with my camera last night and found a pretty good way to point it so I can record the pencil-and-paper drawings of the comic pages before I scan them into Photoshop.  I hope all of you can spare a moment or two to stop by and cheer me on!