My counter is rapidly approaching 1,000,000 unique visitors!  To celebrate this momentous occasion, I’ve moved it up to the top-right column, and whoever is the millionth visitor will win a prize!  If you are the lucky millionth person, you can claim your prize as follows:

  1. Take a screenshot of open in your browser, with the counter visible, to prove the counter said 1,000,000 when you visited.  (Click here if you don’t know how to make a screenshot.)  The screenshot should be of the whole website, not just a crop of the counter area.
  2. Email it to me!

That’s it.  Really.  I know it’s not hard to fake the evidence when using the screenshot method, but I think my readers are awesome, so we’re going to use the honor system.

What’s the prize?  A free commission of anything you want!

And the winners: Peter and Blair!  They both sent in screencaps, and since my counter is “awesome” the way it shows multiple people the same number, I’ll do a picture for each of them.