Back when I took preorders for Garanos Volume II artist’s editions, due to an error on my part preparing the pages, page 195 was printed without any shading. I don’t know what happened where, but I clearly didn’t save the final version back when I first colored the page, so my first order of Volume II looked something like this:

Volume 2 misprinted page

It doesn’t really affect the narrative, as only one line of dialogue is omitted from the page, but as it stands, I have a whole stack of books misprinted in this fashion that I’d like to get rid of. So if you’re interested in owning one of these misprinted copies, today’s your lucky day!

These books are signed and numbered in two runs; some of the original run of 15 books, and the second run of 5 books. There are 14 books available, which I will distribute randomly. These are NOT Artist Editions, and thus will not have drawings in them– since I want to get rid of them, they are a bit cheaper than Artist Editions, plus it keeps the Artist Editions special for those people who chose to take a misprinted book instead of waiting for a corrected copy.

The version that will be on IndyPlanet is indeed the corrected (re-shaded) version, so if you order from them in the future, you wont get a misprint. ^_^ Now, without further ado, the order form.

Garanos Volume II Misprint Edition!

Choose Shipping:
Within USA: Book + Domestic Shipping $34.94 Outside USA: Book + International Shipping $42.94

This offer will be up until I sell out of the books.