I’ve been doing 24 Hour Comics for my independent study at school!  I’ve done two so far, which can both be read at my 24 Hour Comics website, and I’m doing another one tonight/tomorrow starting around midnight.  I’ll be video logging live for the first time tonight, which should be interesting.  If you’re interested, pay attention to my YouTube profile, blog, and Twitter feed, and the comic itself will be up online to read at some point on Sunday.

Now, on to your regularly scheduled post.

I miraculously found the missing CD, so I got the rest of the Volume I revisions done from page 150 to 172.  Then I promptly backed everything up on DVDs.  Twice.  This shall never happen again,  ya hear?  It was a little scary because two of the pages I had on CD (157 and 174) were refusing to transfer because of disc errors, but I managed to recover the data with no apparent loss of information.

Many of you are probably wondering when I’m going to resume the comic.  I’ll say it now:  I don’t know yet.  I’ve been getting very useful work done during this hiatus, with both school and Garanos, but I don’t know when my schedule will calm down enough to let me get back to working on it on a regular basis.  When I do resume the comic, it’ll probably be on an irregular update schedule until December 14th, which is the day I graduate.  (*cheer*)

For those of you who have been following my deviantArt, I’ve been trying out a new coloring technique.  I’d like to play with it more and get used to it before taking the plunge into doing an entire comic page, so that will probably be the biggest issue at the moment.  I don’t have a whole lot of free time to just color things these days, but I’m doing what I can here and there.

Speaking of this new style, I colored some old art with it for all to enjoy.  I drew this quite awhile ago, when I was using much different proportions for Garanos, so it’s some sort of mutant hybrid of my old style and new style.