I’ve recently been on a couple podcasts and wanted to share the link with you, in case anyone would like to hear me talk about things like chili, conventions, and other subjects of great interest. ^_^

First one is the Webcomic Beacon’s 24 Hour Comics Day 24-Hour Broadcast Attempt.  In the middle of the night, while I was doing my Garanos binge, I called in to the show and talked to Fes, Melissa, and Mark, which was pretty fun.

The second one is Episode #2 of the Rampage Network Community Podcast! We discussed conventions, of which I have been to many!  The RN Member Pocast is a work in progress, and various Rampage members will be rotating in and out as we figure out what direction we’ll be taking.  I plan to be present at many future recordings.

One last thing: the Rampage Network is having a Jenny Everywhere caption contest this month, and entries are due before October 20th, which is tomorrow!