I’m back from Penguicon!  Thank you to everyone who stopped by my table or went to my panels over the weekend.  Penguicon is quickly becoming my favorite con ever.  Here’s my con report, with all the gritty details.

The Webcomic Beacon episode that was recorded on Friday night is now up for listening!  I was in the audience, so you might even hear me laughing in the background now and then.

My next convention will be Marcon in Columbus, OH, on Memorial Day weekend.  I’ll be on a few panels, and I plan to enter the art show this year, but I wont have a table set up.  After that, it’s all gearing up for ConnectiCon in July!

Do make sure you head over to my blog to keep up with my current works!  I’m not sure when I’ll post over here next, so until then, have a good one!