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That wraps it up for Part 15.  Oh, the suspense!

This means that there are only three more chapters of Garanos left, ever!  Keep your seat belts on, kids, because we’re going to be moving at a steady clip from here on out.  That’s right, I will NOT be taking a break between chapters this time!  And in fact, I’m going to make it my goal not to miss a single update until the story is over!

Let’s take this on like warriors!

There’s a new voting incentive up at TWC.  It’s a collection of the warm-up sketches I did to prepare for the first scene of this chapter.  There’s a lot of them, since I drew this chapter in several long sessions.  ^_^  Enjoy!

Only 11 days until ConnectiCon! Remember, Artist Colony table #32. ^_~