Unfortunately, I’ll have to skip tomorrow’s page!  Ironically enough, I realized last night that I had not missed an update day since April, so I hope this time is forgivable.  Read on for the long, drawn-out story.

My summer job this year has been working in my late grandparents’ house, getting it cleaned up and ready for the big estate sale, which is this weekend.  My grandmother was a hoarder, so there is an astonishing amount of stuff.  After coming home from Missouri, my family and I have been working in the house almost nonstop this week in order to get the house ready for the sale, and I simply have not had the time to keep up with Garanos!

I’m even more annoyed than you guys that this is in the middle of an important scene, not to mention a fight scene, so I hope you’ll accept my apologies and come back on Monday for your regularly scheduled update.  ^_^  Have a good weekend!