And that means voting has reset at TopWebComics! Please help support Garanos and vote!  The new vote incentive is a sketch I did last week.

In comic news, Volume II proper is now available at IndyPlanet.  If you’re interested, though, I implore you to consider a Volume II Misprint, which is not only cheaper, but signed and numbered, unlike what you’ll get from IP.  ^_^  My other comic, Alex’s Guide to a Life Well Lived, is also on IP as well!

I’m in the process of digging up sketch versions of the pages I’ll be offering for sale, and I hope to get them up in the store this week.  Man, I have not looked at these drawings in AGES.  I’m not surprised to find a new false-start sketches on the back of pages now and then, but I AM astounded at the number of them that I don’t ever remember drawing, much less what they were for.  I seem to have used a discarded page from this scene to draw the chapter cover for Part 5, and it is rather… creepy.  I’m glad it didn’t make it into the final cut, because I would still be having nightmares.

My buddy Pete over at Bardsworth is also taking t-shirt preorders!  You like cookies, right? You can have a COOKIE… on your SHIRT.  Did I just blow your mind?

Aaaaaaand of course, here we are at the start of the last chapter.  I want to give props to my friend Susan Bruno, who helped me edit this chapter.  I hope the wrap-up is satisfying, but we’ll cross that bridge when we get there. :D