Pages 296-7 are up, and this concludes Part Eleven. As of now, Garanos is going on another hiatus.

The comic will resume again sometime in November. This is the longest break I’ve ever taken from the comic, but considering how much burnout I’ve been feeling the past month or so, I think it will help me get refreshed and ready to tackle the rest of Volume II.

I’ve got several projects planned during the hiatus, some of which are Garanos-related:

  • Finish the redesign for my portfolio websitte.
  • Overhauling the Garanos website, probably with ComicPress.
  • Graduate College. Oh yeah, that.
  • The rest of Vol. II, story-wise, needs some major restructuring and rewriting to incorporate some ideas I’ve gotten over the last year. By November, I hope to have the rest of the story completely scripted out.

I thank everyone who’s stuck around this long for their support. Garanos will still need it these next few months, even though there wont be new pages! For anyone who’se not subscribed, I reccommend keeping an eye on the LJ feed and my Twitter account for updates on when exactly Garanos will resume. My best wishes go out to all. See you in a few months!