Okay.  So I’m pretty sure everyone knows about Garanos’ Facebook page, right?  With the whole username debacle, I can now set a username for the page, so people could, in theory, just go to facebook.com/garanos instead of facebook.com/pages/Garanos/randomstringofnumbers.

The first period of username picking meant that only Pages with 1000 fans could pick right away.  Whatever, I thought, I’ll just get it when that period is over.

As of June 28th, yesterday, the rest of Pages could pick usernames, but only if they have 100 fans.

Well, Garanos has only 75.

Come on, guys.  There HAVE to be 25 more people out there who can fan Garanos on Facebook.  I REALLY WANT THE USERNAME. ;_;  Please?

…pretty please?