Merry Christmas!

When I was looking for some old artwork this week, I came across some RELICS!  I’m surprised I still had these, so I thought I would share them with you in the spirit of the holiday.

Also, unearthing embarrassing old art seems to be popular with established webcomic artists.  Here we go!


This appears to be one of the last pictures I ever hand-colored.  It was around then that I switched over to CG.  I see this is also actually a colored pencil sketch, so I was starting to move away from inking.  Good times.


This was my first computer-colored picture of Garanos.  I think it dates around 2002, and I’m almost sure I did it in Paint Shop Pro.  This is actually a printout, and I’m pretty sure I don’t have the original file anymore.  I used to have the asymmetrical glove thing going on, along with some extra embellishments to the sword.  And look at that– I had not yet abandoned inking.

Hope you enjoyed these.  I will now be burning them.  (Okay… I’m mostly joking.)  Have a good one!