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Garanos comes from Caywien, and left her homeland to rescue her fiance Ethreden, who had been kidnapped by mercenaries shortly before their wedding.  She came across Kaigan almost by accident on her journey, and met Styx and Maryoku there after an encounter with some of the village’s xenophobic residents.  Using the tunnels beneath Kaigan to leave the area discreetly, Garanos became possessed by the Harbinger, who had been sealed in a tomb deep within the labyrinth of the tunnels.

She is a very good fighter, and underwent combat training in Caywien up until she left to find Ethreden.  She prefers wielding her sword, but has some amount of experience with a variety of weapons, hand-to-hand combat, and useful types of defensive magic and theory.  It’s later revealed that Garanos’ family held the royal throne of Caywien and that she and Ethreden were to inherit the titles of Queen and King, respectively.

Garanos is a very poised and pragmatic person, and is generally very even-tempered even under high levels of duress.



Styx was born in Severdon, but only lived there for a short time as his mother fled the city due to reasons not entirely known to Styx.  When they reached the outskirts of Kaigan they encountered an entrance to Maryoku’s tunnels and hid inside it.  Due to an injury sustained in Severdon, Styx’s mother died shortly after they were found by Maryoku, which resulted in Maryoku essentially adopting and raising Styx in her home.

He is trained in practical medicine, and has a small amount of magical knowledge, due to being apprenticed under Maryoku.  Styx is a very laid back and thoughtful person.  He appears to have some untold feelings for Garanos, but whether he will express these has yet to be seen.


Lucas is also from Severdon, and moved to Kaigan to take up his trade as a carpenter.  He often hints that he had a very rambunctious childhood in Severdon, and caused lots of trouble up until being taken into his apprenticeship.  Some years later, his master arranged for him to move to Kaigan for work, where he became close friends with Styx.  He often found the events in Kaigan boring in comparison, and looked everywhere he could for entertainment, even if it meant perpetuating the unkind treatment that Kaigan’s residents would extend to travelers.


Maryoku was Kaigan’s healer and de facto leader.  Being very gifted with the healing arts, both magical and practical, she is supposedly much older than she looks; “old enough to be my grandmother” according to Styx.  She has a very mysterious and knowing air about her, and denies any knowledge about the purpose of the tunnels beneath Kaigan, or why they were built in the first place.


Garanos’ fiance and heir to the throne of Caywien.  Ethreden is also a healer by trade, and presumably has knowledge on par with Maryoku’s skills.  It is unknown what kind of social standing Ethreden’s family had in Caywien, but it’s presumably high since he was betrothed to Garanos, eldest sibling and heir to the throne, from a young age.  Ethreden was kidnapped by mercenaries shortly before he and Garanos were to be married, and his current whereabouts are unknown.  There is still a possibility that he is alive.



Senberan is a mage, or magic user, from Caywien.  He is an old friend of Selaranos, Garanos’ younger sister, and is part of a resistance group within Caywien that is trying to restore Garanos (or Selaranos) as rightful ruler of the country.  Since Garanos took with her the golden brooch, the only object that could have maintained Selaranos’ hold on her birthright, Senberan and others were sent out to discover Garanos’ whereabouts and retrieve her, the brooch, or both.  Upon reaching Severdon, Senberan became acquainted with Geilen and through her connections was able to find out when Garanos arrived in the city within a day.



Geilen is a prostitute from Severdon.  She has a very outgoing and friendly demeanor, and appears to enjoy what she does.  She’s a very talented knife-wielder, and her throwing skills are unmatched in Garanos’ experience.  She is also a very skilled seamstress, often making her own clothes and modifying them to contain hiding places for her weapons.  Geilen suffers from an unusual skin disease on her hands and arms, and hopes to find a treatment for it before it spreads far enough to kill her.


Caywien is often described as very far north in comparison to the region Kaigan and Severdon are in.  The name refers to both the mountain-bound region and the capital city within it, where Garanos lived.  The people of Caywien are a very old and highly cultured race, and their distinguishing custom is that of unique tattoos on the forehead and left arm of every citizen.

Kaigan is a very small village situated at the edge of a large forest.  Due the orientation of the surrounding geography, the area around Kaigan gets heavy precipitation, which is the main water source for the community.  Much of their sustenance comes from farming in the surrounding plains and wild game from the forest.  The residents of Kaigan, for whatever reason, tend to be very wary when outsiders and travelers come into town, often getting to the point of shunning them and treating them unfairly.

There is a series of underground tunnels beneath Kaigan, vast in breadth and labyrinthine in their complexity.  The entrance to the tunnels is in the cellar of Maryoku’s house, and several passages leave the city entirely and let out about a mile away from the center.  Deep within the tunnels, the Harbinger was sealed within a tomb, where it drew Garanos in and possessed her.  It’s unknown what purpose the tunnels serve, who built them, or when they were built in the first place.

Severdon is a large port city southwest of Kaigan, and is a hub of commercial activity.  It’s the destination for most trade ships that traverse the large sea immediately south of the city, and the vast network of people there is an excellent source of information.