Here are some bits and pieces to look at this weekend!

Yesterday, my host had a data center outage, which affected all my websites, including Garanos, Jigworthy, and  If you’re seeing this, then obviously the problem has been fixed, but there will still be some sporadic server errors while they tweak the system to avoid something like this happening in the future.  ^_^

Fes of PSI, the Webcomic Beacon, and many other projects, had a birthday a couple weeks ago and took sketch requests, so I asked him to draw Garanos!

Garanos by Fes

And my friend Amanda (aka AyaBlue) made me a Garanos feltie!  (Like a plushie, but small and made of felt.  Thus, feltie!)

Garanos Feltie (Front) Garanos Feltie (Back)

These pictures are a little blurry, since I took them with my camera phone.  I’m going to get some better ones later when I unpack my Artist Alley stuff.  ^_^  Amanda does plushies, felties, and cosplay on commission, if anyone is interested in having her make you something!  She’s fantastic, and is one of the best cosplayers I know!