Hello, everyone!  I’ve enjoyed my week of leisure quite a bit, and I have some things to post about!

  • I’ve wasted no time in posting a crap-ton of new artwork up on my blog.  The Shepherd goddesses are now available as keychains in my online store, soon to be followed by a coaster set!
  • I made a last-minute appearance on episode 11 of the Rampage Network Member Podcast last Sunday.
  • This weekend, I’ll be exhibiting at SPACE in Columbus, OH.  I’ll be joined by Pete Tarkulich of Bardsworth, and I’ll be on the webcomics panel!  I’m also up for a 2009 SPACE prize for webcomics, so wish me luck. ^_^
  • Next weekend, I’ll be at Penguicon in Troy, MI.  I have the following panels:
    Friday, 11pm: The World of Online Comics: How things have changed in the last 10 years
    Saturday, 4pm: Making a Living as an Artist
    Sunday, 10am: Photoshop – Back with a Vengeance!
    Sunday 12pm: Running a Creative Business
    I’m joined at Penguicon by a pretty impressive roster of webcomickers, including Howard Tayler, the Webcomic Beacon crew, and Megan Rose Gedris, to name just a few.  You can check out all the webcomic programming here!

I’m still getting a lot of comments trickling in, and I’m glad all you guys, old and new readers, have been happy with my ending. ^_^

Have a good one!