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This poem was written for me by Jeremy Ryan, and became the inspiration for the chapter titles of Volume I, as well as being included in the actual comic.  It can be read in its original form here.


Even with the light of a million stars out
I’m afraid it will never come to pass…
I could wish on them all
But their powers only multiply my own…
Never granting me any sort of dream

Whereas this Mobius strip of utter terror,
The one so many people call life,
Torments and antagonizes the very presence of love…
And I am left wandering alone
In a world void of light…

And this vile black poison spewing forth from the petrified caverns of my heart…
I am unable to purge myself of this birth-rite
This curse bestowed upon me by fate
Perhaps simply by the luck of who I was born

I don’t want to bleed darkness anymore…

This poem was written by reader Paul and was inspired by the imagery of a woman in a cloak:


You see her standing there

So proud, so timid

What solace can she find?

In this world of terror.

How could anyone not be afraid?

Drip, Drip the blood falls

From fingertips glistening

In the light of ten thousand stars.

What does she gaze upon?

Am I brave enough to see?

At the crest of that dark hill

Her hooded figure stands still.

A breeze rustles the leaves

A blink and she is gone.

Hoot, hoot says an owl.

But the broken silence holds no answer.

Who was she?