I smooshed my contact info onto the About page, along with adding a FAQ.  “But Alex,” you say, “How can there be frequently asked questions if, as you say, you never get any email?”  Well, there are some questions I’m sure some of you have, and thus I put up the answers to them.  (This would also be a non-issue if I got more emails, hint hint.)

Most importanly, I added how to pronounce “Garanos”.  It seems unless someone has heard me actually say it aloud, they pronounce it wrong, usually as “Guh-RAW-nos.”  The most humorous mangling so far has been “Garbanos”.  ^_^  If you’re curious about how it’s actually pronounced, or suspect you have been saying it wrong, I implore you to check the FAQ.  It’s even the first question!  How convenient!

I did a marathon of coloring over the weekend, and I’m happy to say that I’m completely done with this week’s pages.  Thus, there will be no interruptions as I leave town for Christmas.  And due to the magic of ComicPress, the new pages are already queued up, so I don’t even have to do anything!  Programming languages are MAGIC.  Just like DNA.

Have a good holiday, and drink lots of eggnog!  I know I will. ^_^