WELL.  It seems that just like two years ago, Garanos’ third anniversary slipped by me unnoticed!  Garanos turned 3 years old on June 13th.  I’ll just have to have a big fanfare for the upcoming page 400 to make up for it!

But to celebrate, and kick off the new voting month at TopWebComics, the new voting incentive is a coupon code for one free Garanos wallpaper at Webcomic Wallpapers!

Happy Birthday, Gara!  ^_^

One more thing: If you’re going to ConnectiCon (HELL YEAH) then this Saturday, july 4th, is the last day you can pre-register for $45! After that it goes up to $55, and at the door it’s $60.  So if you haven’t pre-registered, then save some money and do so this weekend!