Today is my birthday!  I’m 23 today.  (I share my birthday with Neil Sedaka and William H. Macy!)  I’m not entirely sure what I’ll be doing tonight, but I will be seeing some friends, and then my mom and sister are coming to dote on me tomorrow. ^_^

Some convention things to mention!


I’m 99% sure I’m going to Penguicon! I’ve been talking to their very awesome webcomic programming head, and I’ll probably be serving up a Photoshop panel, and join in on some of the other webcomic programming.  (Anyone want to split a hotel room?)  I almost went last year, so I’m really excited to get up there this time around.



TOMORROW is the last day you’ll be able to pre-register for $35!  On Sunday, the price goes up ten dollars, so if you haven’t registered for CTCon yet, do so as soon as possible.  I promise, as a general attendee of Connecticon for the past two years, it is well worth it.

Connecticon Banner


Time to plug my home convention again.  AnimePunch is here in Columbus, and is notable for being an anime-only, college-aged convention with hours upon hours of academic programming, as well as epically awesome events.  For instance, there will be Legends of the Hidden-fricking-Temple.

Preregistration is only $25, but it closes on March 27th!  Can’t beat that price with a stick.